How to access and use your Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets Installation


*Will work best through Google Chrome on your phone (NOT Safari)*

1. Make sure you already have the FREE Adobe Lightroom App installed on your mobile device. You will also need the FREE Unzip app installed for downloading!

2. Click the download link in your confirmation email

3. Click "Download Now"

4. File will appear at the bottom of the browser -> Click "Download"

5. Next to the .zip preset folder name click "Open in"

6. Copy to UNZIP

7. Unzip the folder by clicking on it

8. Open the preset folder

9. Click the .dng links for each preset & save to camera roll (they will save as blank images)

10. Open the blank DNG photos in Lightroom

11. Click the three dots "..." in the top right corner and choose "Create Preset" & save

Using the presets you've just saved:

1. Open the photo you'd like to edit in Lightroom

2. Scroll along the bottom of Lightroom until you see the "Presets" tab

3. There will be a folder in this tab titled "User Presets" & this is where the presets will be saved for use! (If this is your very first time using Lightroom presets, once you click the "Presets" tab you will also need to click where it says "color" towards the left and a menu will drop down and this is where the User Presets folder will be)

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